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October 09 2017

Photography... and stuff...

For whatever reason, some of my really old posts about photography that I originally made on THIS blog ( @thevortexofourminds ) gained some attention lately. And so people started to follow here. 
While I surely won’t complain about followers, I also don’t want you to be disappointed, because this blog is mostly crazy stuff. And music. And crazy music. And stuff. Which is all pretty cool though. So you might want to keep following.


BUT if you are exclusively looking for photography related things, you might want to head over to my photography side-blog @tvoom  
You’ll not only find my own photography there but also videos about photography that I made, and also my photography-related podcast.  

If you are looking for photographic advice in general, you might want to look at @letstalkphotography , a community blog run by a couple of amazing people. And me.

October 04 2017

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Buster Keaton in Grand Slam Opera (1936)  


Attention, Buster Keaton Fans!

The mission of the International Buster Keaton Society: Our mission is to introduce people to Keaton’s work, and to honor his legacy. Today, October 4th, is Buster’s birthday, and as our gift to him, we are creating and placing a new bronze plaque to mark the location of his former studios in Los Angeles. And we need your help. Please be a part of history, and help us to honor this hallowed Hollywood ground. (Amazingly, Charlie Chaplin made some of his greatest short films in the very same spot!)

Please go to:

P.S. The plaque will also honor the great Charlie Chaplin, who had used the same studio to produce many of his greatest films, starting with his legendary Mutual shorts!
Thank you!

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Happy Birthday Joseph Frank “Buster” Keaton!
(October 4, 1895 - February 1, 1966)

September 30 2017




He’s coming to a city close to where I live as well… Yaaayyy!!!! And I’m gonna get…


… probably a beer. And then not talk about Roger Waters ever again.

On the other hand…


You only live once

(This is an actual screenshot btw https://www.ticketbande.de/konzert-tickets/roger-waters/739002)

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September 01 2017





Inspired by this post, here’s a graphic and a link roundup:

No new content Sept 1 2017, in protest of Tumblr @staff‘s complete lack of effort to take any action to control rampant white-supremacist hate speech on this platform.

If GoDaddy and Google, Discord, and even OKCupid  (and even Facebook and GoFundMe) can take steps to curb hate, why can’t Tumblr? (Users have been complaining for years, it’s not like this is a new problem.) Tumblr consistently refuses to enforce its own no-hate-speech policy in this matter.

(There’s even a lovely write-up of it from this very month: Nazis On Tumblr Are Attempting To Make White Supremacy Hip.) (There’s a change.org petition about it too, which has a nice write-up of exactly how much absolutely-nothing Tumblr @staff are willing to do about egregious hate speech.) (No, I’m not involved with either of those links, nor the original post I’m referecing above, I just thought I’d Google it before I made a graphic. I know very little about this but it all seems pretty gross, now doesn’t it.)

I’m posting this now, then I’ll put it in my queue on the 1st and have that be the only thing that posts on that day (for those of us who can’t shut our queues down easily, that’s a solution). And then, no posts, no replies, no chats, no inbox, no messages, no visits to the site for the duration of the 1st in my timezone.

[Image description: On a blue background, white bold text says: “9/1/17 Tumblr Strike: This blog is posting no new content to protest Tumblr’s unwillingness to take action against white nationalist hate speech”]


And for people who are wondering about timezone, I’m suggesting that since the Tumblr office is in New York, we use that timezone.

(And to everyone believe I’m so naive as to think a one-day boycott will stop it - c’mon. I know that. I’m trying to bring attention to this very serious issue, that’s it.)

If you’re on the East Coast of Australia and you want to participate, the go silent for 24 hours from 2pm onward on 01/09/2017 (that’s tomorrow if you’re not keeping track)

@staff, @support

August 31 2017

I was tagged by @ohverden to answer these questions. Thank you! :)

Name: Pete
Nickname: Pete?
Zodiac sign: The best one.
Hogwarts house:  The “Unseen University”. Oh, wait… That’s not in Harry Potter, right? But… well… “Hogwarts”… do they celebrate Hogswatch there? If so… then I don’t care which house. “Happy Hogswatch!”


Height: Yes.
Sexual orientation: Yes.
Ethnicity: German 
Favorite fruit: Mango. Who doesn’t love Mango?
Favorite book series: “Harry Potter”. Okay… just kidding. I didn’t like the books. I do love the movies though. Counting the numbers of books of a certain series in my bookshelves, I have to say: “Discworld”
Favorite fictional character(s): At the moment? Discworld’s “DEATH”. This sounds morbid, I know. But only if you don’t know the character. (Okay… it IS morbid. I don’t care)
Favorite flower: Not poppies
Favorite scent: Pipe smoke. It is comforting
Favorite colour: Gray and black. (so… basically “not colour”)
Favorite animal: Bats and moles
Favorite band: I always had a thing for Justin Bieber. And that thing is the big question: WHY?!
I am kind of fond of Genesis though. Which might be a little-known fact.
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Yes
Average hours of sleep: More than some might assume.
Number of blankets: Two. In summer between. In winter under.
Dream trip: I don’t do drugs. 
Last thing I googled: “skull” (don’t ask)
How many blogs I follow: 986 at the time of writing
Number of followers: Here? On this blog? Pretty exactly five times less than on @tvoom
What I usually post about: Things that make me happy: Old movies, music, and fun stuff. My blog is my happy place.
Do I get asks regularly: Naah. 

I think everyone already did this, right? If YOU didn’t, then feel TAGGED.
Or not… whatever… 

August 29 2017

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Pete (@tvoom​), wishing you a brilliant birthday! Thank you for the laughs and for the help you provide us novice photographers. Happy Birthday! 🎂
Love, Abi xx

Abi @love-abia , thank you so much! And please excuse the late reaction. If what I do is helpful then this makes me happy!

And happy people… well… they laugh usually :) 

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Pete @tvoom, @tvoom365, @thevortexofourminds, Wishing you a happy happy birthday. Enjoy your day, sending smiles your way.

K.S. Janes

Cody, Wyoming

VERY belated “thank you” to you, Kristie! @ksjanes

I’m sending lots of smiles back to you!

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Jump with joy!
Belated birthday greetings Pete! @tvoom

And belated thank you, Raj! @pichaposts

I did. And I will do. Jumping with joy, I mean :D

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Happy Birthday Pete ! @tvoom, @tvoom365, @thevortexofourminds

Thanks for all you do for the creators on tumblr, and just making this corner of the universe a little more interesting… Hope you have a most awesome day !

Thank you so much, Gerry! @tokarphoto
Please excuse that I saw this only today. And thank _you_ for being part of this universe

August 27 2017

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a private place for Pete @thevortexofourminds

Thank you so much, Natalie! A beautiful pace, it seems

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Uh… Hello

Happy Belated Birthday to Pete! @tvoom @thevortexofourminds

I had this birthday tribute in my head for a while (curses!) for Pete since I ran out of recent foggy forest photos that I know he does appreciate. I must say that this recreation of the Buster Keaton photo was a lot more difficult that it appears. Not only did I have to try and recreate this pose with my 10-second timer (plus the all the set-up), but this outdoor photographer had to figure out indoor lighting and camera flash (curses! x2). I honestly did not know how to activate the flash on my camera and then to figure out auto-flash from slow and then rear… who has all this time?! …but I was committed to finishing this photo for Pete since he does so much for the Tumblr community and is very gracious with sharing his photography knowledge and tips! Have a super birthday Pete! 

Note to self: Next year just pour a can of Pepsi into a Coke bottle… way easier… and Pete will still appreciate it! 

Note to everyone else: I’m tagging this as #BustonKeatonPlankChallenge in case anyone else wants to try and recreate this iconic pose! Good Luck ;-) 

THIS. IS. BRILLIANT! Thank you so much, Rob! Wow!

Let’s make this a thing!  #BustonKeatonPlankChallenge

I will start. As soon as I am awake enough again (you know… age + beer)

August 26 2017

Here is a thing (and also the last rambling for a while)

In the last two weeks, I was catapulted back in time when I was 25. It was a time when I had to face the first real demon of my life.
Well… And suddenly there he was again.
Actually, he never left. He was sitting there, in the darkness. Staring at me. Not saying a word. Since I was 25. And obviously, he was of the opinion that it is finally time to show his ugly face again. Even twice. And he was grabbing me by the neck and he was trying to do the same things again that he did when I was 25.

And for some days I was paralyzed. I sat there, acting as if it is nothing. Trying to convince myself that he cannot do the same things to me that he did when I was 25.

And yesterday I realized: I don’t even have to convince myself. Because he has no power. As long as I don’t give him the power.

In a very different part of the web I once state a theory that I have. I wrote: 

Whatever we are afraid of will eventually kill us.

To solve this problem we have to lose our fears.

And this exactly is the reason why we are so incredibly,

… incredibly, incredibly attracted to those things…

… we are afraid of.

So that we will finally gather the courage and strength to risk them,

make the leap of faith, lose the fear,

and live forever.

Back then - when I wrote that - I didn’t really understand the dimensions. It simply felt right, and I gave it a lot of thought, but I didn’t really understand. Because I didn’t face THAT demon again.
Until last week.
And that fucker has no power anymore. Simply because I won’t give him any.
Which is a pretty good feeling.

I read on Tumblr today that it is apparently my birthday. And someone asked me: “How old are you now?” And because of an old habit, I wanted to answer: “25. Again.”, because I have been saying that every year. But then I held in a minute and answered: “26. Because I’ve grown up”

Apparently, it is my birthday today. And that is a good day.

And now for something completely different:

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A Trick of the Penguin - Happy Birthday Pete @tvoom

(Don’t worry - you don’t need to reblog this one!)

Apologies to Genesis

But I want to, James :D This is amazing! Thank you. And I’ll reblog it to this blog, because… well, obvious reasons.

ALL YOU LOVELY PEOPLE OUT THERE: Please be a bit patient with me today. I’m on mobile at the moment, and connection is terrible. 

I will react appropriately as soon as I’m back in wifi

August 25 2017

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Buster Keaton

August 23 2017

Nobody said: “It’s gonna be easy”

Simply because it’s not gonna be. And those who say… well… usually they are people who don’t know about your struggles. And I’m not talking about mine. I’m talking about yours. Your struggles. Your battles. And … well… also about mine. About every person’s.

Well… yes, it might be easy… the beginning… sometimes the beginning is easy. But succeeding… that is often hard. What is success anyway?
Society probably would define success as something very different than what I - for myself - define as “success”. Because I don’t give a damn what others think that “success” should mean for my life.

It’s not gonna be easy. And that is good.

Because we can learn everything. At least to a decent degree. We can learn writing, dancing, a different language, photography, painting, building model planes, we even can learn math (which is totally unnecessary, so why would we?), we can learn to bake, and to fly helicopters.
But what we should be aware of, is that we will never be “the best”. There will always be someone who is better.
Really? No. There won’t be anyone who is better than you. Not in that very unique way YOU do things. Or CAN do things. If you just take that ONE STEP FURTHER. Your paintings of flowers might not be totally different to paintings other people made. But still, they are YOURS. Made by that very unique person that is you. Made at a very special time. At a very special place. For a very special reason. And if just that you had that time, or were in the mood, or justbecauseyoufeltlikedoingit.

It is not gonna be easy. And that is good.

Because we will only continue to be working, fighting, battling, struggling for THOSE things that we REALLY want. Sometimes we have to be a bit patient because not everything always goes the way we want it, right? And life, circumstances, … throw stones in our way.

Will we keep on going? That is upon us.

My path started shortly after I was able to walk. The next step was that I learned to talk. Then to assemble letters to words and sentences. And then this continued… I’ll spare you the rest.

And there was always that one big thing on my mind. Always. And it still is. And it is not gonna be easy. But that is good!

August 22 2017

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The awesome “Diamond Ring Effect” during today’s Total Solar Eclipse: northeast of Shoshone, Wyoming

by riverwindphotography, August 21, 2017

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