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August 12 2017

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Vincent Price


No Trespassing? What’s next?? No Foxtrotting? No Abacabbing?

August 11 2017

Not enough people on this website appreciates Genesis

Is it because they can’t dance?

August 10 2017


Never apologize for what you are good at and what makes you happy.

It is something to be proud of. No matter what others might say.

And now continue scrolling

August 09 2017

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My kind of shop ;)

Pets are always a help in times of stress. And in times of starvation, too, of course
— Terry Pratchett
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Buster Keaton

August 04 2017

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There are times in life when people must know when not to let go. Balloons are designed to teach small children this.
— Terry Pratchett

People of Tumblr

I haven’t been around too much lately.

I am currently in preparation for a real cool (and maybe even - career wise - very important) job. So… if anyone can spare some fingers to cross… that would be just lovely :) Thank you!

Also, I am writing and pre-producing the next episodes of my podcast. I am still baffled because of the overwhelming success of the last episode. Within just a couple of days, the monthly bandwidth my hosting service provides was used up. If this continues I will have to change my subscription model. Thank you!!! Oh, and there are quite some videos for my YouTube channel in preparation. BY THE WAY: If you have suggestions, questions, ideas… for either: the podcast or the YouTube channel… don’t hesitate to message.

And there is also an audio-project that I have been working on for a couple of months now and that I am really happy with so far.
About five years ago I had to make a decision. I had to decide between continuing to be “the assistant” or “doing my own thing”. And decided for the latter. For five years I wasn’t sure whether this was the right decision. Today showed me: It was.

And I am very grateful for that.

I will be back “here” on the weekend and try to catch up with all of you.

BTW: Who loves detective games? We’ll probably start one soon “here” on Tumblr ;) #121203

Also: I owe you a coffee, @themazette - I will catch up on that 

August 01 2017

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Also: Homicidal egomaniacal purple tentacles who try to take on the world.

You’ve been warned

Reblog if you would hug the Squonk


instead of kicking him into a sack like a complete asshole


Seriously, he needs that hug. Because he’s “alive at both ends but a little dead in the middle” like all of us.

July 28 2017

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Man of the year!

Of all years, actually…

I have been tagged ...

… a million years ago by @jasonlowder and @4ft11female-rael to participate in this tagging game. Thank you very much!

The rules are to turn your music player, phone, or mp3 player on shuffle and name the first 10 songs that play.
And it turned out… this is really very random.

1. “What If” - Arena (“The Seventh Degree Of Separation”)
2. “Celestial Elixir” - Haken (“Aquarius”)
3. “The point of no return” - Haken (“Aquarius”)
4. “Happy Now” - Jon Allen (“Dead Man’s Suit”)
5. “Painted Man” - Arena (“Contagion”)
6. “Way out of here” - Porcupine Tree (“Fear Of A Blank Planet”)
7. “Fly High” - Ray Wilson & Stiltskin (”She”)
8. “Streams” - Haken (”Aquarius”)
9. “The Great Escape” - Arena (”The Seventh Degree Of Separation”) 
10. “I Like Birds” - Eels (”Essential Eels”)

I assume everyone did this already, so I tag nobody this time. But feel free to participate

July 26 2017

To begin with I like words.
— Carson McCullers, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (via theclassicsreader)
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Buster Keaton

June 29 2017

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Buster Keaton in “The Haunted House”

Buster Keaton did all his own stunts. Watch some of his movies, it is hard to believe he survived to film another movie. He was also extremely sad and unhappy and undoubtedly clinically depressed and yet he gave the world all this amazing slapstick comedy.

“He was also extremely sad and unhappy and undoubtedly clinically depressed” 

Weeeeeellll…. nope. I don’t know where this idea comes from, but Buster’s autobiography paints a quite different picture. He surely had a pretty dark phase after his failed first marriage and his - according to his own words - “biggest mistake” of giving up his own studio and going to MGM, where he lost all creative freedom, and finally his career. But he was an optimist through and through, even quite a happy person. And after he got out of that low, he lived a good life.

Rest of the Keaton fandom disagree with me?

June 27 2017

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I was tagged by @4ft11female-rael to

Answer 20 questions and tag 20 people. Thank you!

Name: “My name is Pete and I like pictures”
Nicknames: I can’t tell you. Or else there will be people in dark suits showing up at your door, asking you nicely to get into their limousine with the darkened windows. I am sorry… No, really… I am sorry
Zodiac Sign: Virgo ™
Height: about 5ft 10in (178cm) and shrinking
Orientation: I am straightly facing my computer screen
Nationality: German, according to my accent and passport (inofficially: none)
Favorite Fruit: Mango
Favorite Season: Usually the second or third of every tv series
Favorite Book: “Good Omens” by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
Favorite Flower: Cactus flower 
Favorite Scent: The smell after rain
Favorite Animal: Roast chicken, probably (was that mean?)
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Usually coffee. Tea only when I am sick. And I didn’t have hot cocoa for … like… an eternity.
Average sleep hours: Sleep is overrated. How do you think, I can write, record, make photos, make videos, run a podcast, doodle, invent silly jokes, and play tagging games? ;)
Cat or dog person: I am a person person
Favorite fictional character: Today it probably is “Twoflowers”, the first tourist on the Discworld
Number of blankets you sleep with: two
Blog Created: December 2012
Number of followers: ONEMILLIONGAZILLIONTHOUSANDANDTHREE, I think. I’d have to check. (A couple of thousand on this blog, last time I looked. But, hey, it is not about the size. It is what you do with it.)

I tag (but only if you want to do this): @su-zii-nao@sims3-4-creations-mycats, @mill24-ph, @woodsong, @lunoday, @tokarphoto, @newkilleryoff, @allanodyne, @michuela, @jasonlowder, @amillqvist, @catharticexperience, @philcollinsgoingbackup, @pointandshooter, @hadescavedish, @retreatintoserenity, @kreflections, @apicturewithasmile, @vincentpriceonline, @thefyuzhe

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