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May 21 2018

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“The Ballad of Beaker” - a Muppet music video

… sort of…


Terry Pratchett’s The Duel. I worked on this as a student about 2 years ago. Thanks to Giant Animation Studios for the opportunity. Twas a great learning experience.

This is awesome! :D 

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May 17 2018

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“Airport Song” - Ray Wilson live

Ray Wilson calls this one the (quote) “probably worst song ever written”.
I disagree. It’s close. But I disagree. It’s hilarious though. Apparently, this is what can happen if you write songs while having a hangover. 


Yesterday I posted a Lightroom video to my YouTube about fixing blown out colour-channels (I’ll post it to @tvoom soon). I totally forgot to post it after uploading. And I only remembered because of a question that I received. So… yeah… I’m old *lol*
I still have some ideas for Lightroom videos but I am not so sure if it makes real sense to record them yet, given that I still work with Lightroom 6. I’ll probably go back to more or less infrequently posting Lightroom videos as soon as I switched to Lightroom CC.
In case there are specific “Lightroom questions” let me know and I will see what I can do. Same goes for all other sorts of photography related stuff of course.

Speaking of questions: I also got ask why I didn’t answer an ask. I never deliberately ignore anyone who sends questions, messages, asks, or whatever

It can happen that I read a message and cannot reply immediately. And then I forget. It’s not on purpose. So… yeah… I’m old ;)
As for asks… I don’t have any unanswered asks in my inbox. Sometimes Tumblr “swallows” asks or they didn’t go through at all. So… if I didn’t answer your ask yet, please consider sending it again. 

Thank you for reading!

May 15 2018

Good artists exist simply in what they make, and consequently are perfectly uninteresting in what they are. A great poet, a really great poet, is the most unpoetical of all creatures.
— Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray (via philosophybits)
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May 13 2018

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Vincent Price and Linda Hayden in Madhouse (1974)

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Ever heard a Beasty Boys jazz cover? One that features the Theremin?

No? Well… Here you are:

“Intergalactic” - Robyn Adele Anderson

“I’m terribly puzzled by people who go out of their way to dis-enjoy themselves. I mean, they take so much trouble to make their lives more miserable!”

- Alan Watts

May 09 2018

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Pöpcørn | Recipes with The Swedish Chef

- a music video -

sort of

If you’re 100% honest with your views and opinions


people will love you for it, or they’ll resent you for it

there’s no middle ground

that’s why you have to find the middle ground….

personally, I use my middle finger

The middle ground often is: They’ll love you if you are 100% honest with your views and opinions about others. But as soon as you’re 100% honest with your views and opinions about them then they’ll resent you ;))))))))))

That’s why middle fingers are so important. Some people say that one of the most important steps in the evolutionary processes was the thumb. I am not so sure about that ^^

May 07 2018

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May 06 2018

Where on the internet...

… can I click on THAT ONE “OK” button that allows me to declare ONCE AND FOR ALL that I know that websites use cookies and that I am okay with that?

I don’t want to click “ok” every single day 500 million times because I DO KNOW THAT WEBSITES USE COOKIES.

Or can we have this one “OK” button that I have to click as soon as I start my browser that says:

“This is the fucking internet. Enter at your own risk”

I’d be okay with that.

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May 05 2018

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