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June 14 2017

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“Ought to be resting” - Ray Wilson live

The youth, well they don’t give a damn, the old too old to care
And all those in between, just be aware
There’s nothing left to lose
I remain impartial
It’s just good to be here
And nothing lasts forever, even fear
Even fear? Not even fear!
You ought to be resting…

June 13 2017

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I forgot to add this GIF to my last post ;)

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OOOOOOHHHH, the sudden POWER you feel when you realize that your scanner works again, and that you obviously still can draw cartoonish caricatures of people (this is me), and draw them so badly that they won’t recognize themselves… So I am safe! What devilish thoughts run through my brain now.


Actually, the only thing that works now is Manga style. And I can’t do Manga style… So… whatever… I still might throw in a drawing here and there. Maybe.

June 12 2017

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So… if you go to a 1€ shop and you see a silver skull. There is no way to not buy it, right? Even if it costs 3€.
You simply have to get it. It’s the law.

June 09 2017

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“The Dividing Line” - Ray Wilson live // Genesis

Sometimes we believe if we close our eyes
The rain might wash it away
That’s why we stumble and we fall
Not the words that you wanted to hear
Not the things that you wanted to see

“Calling all stations” is surely the most underrated Genesis album. It was an album of a band trying to re-invent itself.
After Genesis lost their second front-man with Phil Collins leaving, they made a bold move to hire young Scottish singer/songwriter Ray Wilson, who had his “15 minutes of fame” with the one-hit wonder “Stiltskin” and their chart-breaker “Inside”.
Funnily enough (and this story is true), when I first heard this song on the radio back in 1994, I instantly had to think about Genesis. I have no clue why. Stiltskin was the epitome of Euro-grunge, and had nothing whatsoever in common with “battleship” Genesis. Maybe it was the underlying drama this song holds, I can’t say. Or maybe it was just the sheer fact that back then my (real) obsession with Genesis started, and so I compared everyone and everything to this band.
Can you imagine my surprise when Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford announced Ray Wilson to be the replacement for Phil Collins?
Well… nobody can replace Phil Collins. Just as nobody can replace Peter Gabriel. Genesis tried a new start. And they failed. I many ways because they tried to *replace* Phil instead of trying something new.
You cannot produce “success” in art. Not in the long run. Success is work, dedication, passion, and persistence. Not giving up. Re-inventing yourself over and over, while keeping the “spirit” alive. And that spirit was there in “Calling all stations”. Sure, CAS is not their strongest album. Anything but. But there are some gems on it. Like “The Dividing Line”. To me it channels the spirit of ABACAB, the probably biggest cut in Genesis’ career. A tight and powerful piece of music that stands in direct opposition to the many (some might call them) over-produced and super-polished records they made before and after. Many fans showed Genesis the cold shoulder after that. But many others realized that what Genesis did there what the exact opposite of what some self-righteous morons accused them of. They did what THEY wanted. And not what people expected them to do. And that is what Genesis always did. Like… seriously… would anyone have guessed that “I can’t dance” would become a hit? Seriously? Come ON! I always had deepest respect for Genesis’ “not giving a shit” attitude, if it comes to music. And their way of making people listen. First by Peter Gabriels on stage theatrics. Later by the craziest light-shows you can imagine (Genesis was the first band to use Varilights) and Phil Collins’ unique way of engaging the audience. 
And then… well… then… then came Ray. And never got the chance to develop his own unique way to *be* Genesis. Not with the band. Yet I love the Ray Wilson “era”.
“WHAAAAT?!”, some die-hard Genesis fans scream loudly, “HOW DARE YOU?!”
Funnily enough, even many of the otherwise so strongly opposed “Peter vs. Phil”-dimwits agree: “Calling All Stations” and the 1998 tour was the low-point of Genesis. Some even call it the “death of a band”.
It always amused me to see these “Peter vs. Phil” fan-fights. “Peter Gabriel was Genesis” - yeah… sure… why did he need a band then? Well… he didn’t. And he proved that with his amazing solo career and some of the most phenomenal songs ever written in music history. But what he did by himself was very different to what he did with Genesis. And what Genesis did without him. And what Phil Collins did was also different. And what Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett, Anthony Philips… did was different… A band is more than the sum of its parts.
And… just for me to understand: Who the fuck are you to tell a band what to do or not to do? If you like their stuff, buy their music, go to the shows. If you don’t… well… then don’t. Simple.
Genesis tried a new start with the new “part” Ray Wilson. And they failed. So, yes, I agree… the death of band. But not because of Ray.
I saw Ray live twice. And he is different. He is a singer through and through. A storyteller. A calm, and almost introverted person with an amazing voice (surely one of the best voices in rock history), and massive charisma. But he needs space. And he would have needed time. And that is not what he was allowed to have. Because Genesis lost “being Genesis” after the 1998 CAS tour when they (and allegedly it was Mike Rutherford) decided to kill the legacy of “not giving a damn what people want”. THAT was when Genesis sold out. And that is the real shame.
Nevertheless… I love Genesis’ Ray Wilson “era” and the way Ray Wilson still plays and re-interprets the old songs. Because it shows what Genesis could have been: A *living* legend.

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June 08 2017

@mlellington One poem a day?! O_o How do you do that? Seriously…
I’m by far not persistent enough. But I’m more the “story-person” anyway. But I get you, it’s cathartic.

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When you finished the story and you realize nothing works

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When you have this GREAT idea for a short story and you start writing

June 07 2017

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_there and back again

I love this photo! It takes me back to the happy childhood memories where I explored the outdoors freely. The sky so blue… and the cactus there - offering its fruit. There might not be lush greens here but this place is full of life. What a lovely, lovely photo. 😊

Thank you! :) I just went through my drafts and found this again.

There is actually a “story” involved in making this photo. I saw this little tree on that rock, and… well… I just had to take photo. Problem: I had to climb down a pretty steep slope. You don’t see that in this photo, but it went down about at least 300 meters (almost 1000 feet). Straight down. No fence, no security barrier… nothing. I had my backpack on my… well… back, my camera dangling around my neck, I didn’t wear proper shoes but only my sneakers (BECAUSE I DIDN’T EXPECT THIS WHOLE TRIP TO BECOME SOMETHING LIKE CLIMBING A MOUNTAIN, OKAY?!), and I more slid than climbed down.
And I took a couple of shots and climbed up again. I slipped two or three times, and as soon as I was up there and the first euphoria that I had my shots was gone, I realized: “Yeah… uhm… THAT was a pretty stupid thing to do!”
But on the other side… They say “Live fast, die young”… It’s too late for the latter anyway ;)
Thank you again!

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“The Triumph of Lester Snapwell”, 1963.

June 05 2017

I was tagged...

… by @vincentpriceonline for 6 Movies I Can Watch Anytime. Thank you!

Darn! I almost forgot about this. Please excuse

1) The Big Lebowski

2) Shaun Of The Dead

3) Sleepy Hollow

4) The Raven

5) Steamboat Bill Jr.

6) O Brother Where Art Thou?

I tag (if you want to do that): @bluelunaphotography​, @qbn-scholar​ (show me da good ones), @thefyuzhe​, @jasonlowder​, @amymontico​, @novice-at-play​, @hazeybluesoul​, and @ravenheart-girl

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1890s timetraveling Buster thinking the 1960s television is a window - The Twilight Zone.

There’s always a story. It’s all stories, really. The sun coming up every day is a story. Everything’s got a story in it. Change the story, change the world.
— Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

June 04 2017

Yesterday night there was a power blackout here. I looked out of the window and even the streetlights were out. Pitch black darkness everywhere.

So I thought… “No biggie. I’ll just simply watch tv in candlelight”.
Until I realized… *facepalm* …

… I didn’t have candles.

So I went to bed.

June 01 2017

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Buster is kidding again

(more gifs here)

tic-toc tic-toc tic-toc

May 31 2017

FYI - Unfollowing

I went through my following-list and unfollowed about 200 blogs that haven’t been posting for six months or longer. In case I accidentally unfollowed yours even though you are still active please drop me a line. Thank you!

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When you see history repeating itself

May 30 2017

@gedditor replied to your photo  It’s rather a two part mini-series than a movie,…

Thank you!! We have all the novels - in hardback! And I once co-directed stage production of Wyrd Sisters

Consider yourself to be on top of my “List of people who will always on top of my list of people I am totally envious of”

And btw… just in case… I mean… It could be… stranger things have happened… Right? So… in case you’ll ever co-direct a stage production of any Discworld novel that includes Lord Vetinari… and this would happen anywhere close where I am… I am your man!

I’d also happily audition for Rincewind. I’D BE THE PERFECT RINCEWIND! Just saying.

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